MPF Brush Co. Dental Lab Series

    We are extremely proud of the products of MPF Brush Co. to be able to represent exclusively in the Benelux and to be able to offer these beautiful products to our relations together with our partners.

    MPF Brush Co. aims to improve the performance of our customers by offering a uniquely wide range of laboratory hand instruments, brushes, palettes, accessories and rotary instruments, at a reasonable price and of excellent quality.
    Our collaboration with leading dental technicians from around the world has made it possible to think outside the box when designing unique hand instruments for processing ceramic materials.
    We are particularly proud of our wide range of Optimum™ brushes and tools, designed by Nondas Vlachopoulos, an internationally respected porcelain engineer. MPF Brush Co. has joined forces with Nondas to offer a highly developed range of products, with an eye for refined detail in function, feel and appearance.