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From our HQ in the Netherlands we only collaborate with providers who, every day make a difference by passion & quality and who are not led by economic gain. It is our passion to create the best and most sustainable relationship between our customers and suppliers. With exclusive but affordable, high quality products that demonstrably make the difference in the market. It is our drive to be able to offer you the best products every day that have been identified as indispensable essentials in dental. For more information please contact our team via info@dental-essentials.shop or via DM our team via our social media channels. Secure your self to Essentials in, The Ambassadors of Dental-Essentials

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We proudly present the new Essential in Dental the MPF Composite series. 

With over 20 years of experience in the dental brush industry MPF Brush Co. has taken the initiative to create high quality dental surgical brushes tailored to the Clinician specialising in restorative dental applications, such as inlay and onlays utilising composite materials.  

The unique design of the MPF revolution handle allows for replacement tips that are very affordable price. 

The Revolution has begun. Contact us for more information

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