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Headlamp1.5x Loupe for Headlamp2.5x Loupe for HeadlampLight Filters/Caps - Amber(flip) (Pair) for HeadlampLight Filters/Caps - Clear (Pair) for Headlamp

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BiLumix Shadowless Headlamp

Experience the comfort and versatility of the wireless, ergonomic BiLumix Shadowless Headlamp! No more pressure on doctors’ noses! Wider field of view with our 1.5x lens! Variable working distance with our telescopic 2.5x and 4.0x loupes!

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TBS Instruments

The innovative line of TBS surgical instruments features superior German Stainless steel, and a level of precision, performance and durability not found with any other.

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Cervico Mold EssentialCervico Essential KitCervico Premium Kit (Cervico Mold & Cervico Guide)CERVICO MOLD PREMIUMCERVICO GUIDE


Cervico System is a range of innovative tools that provide the ultimate solution for mastering the emergence profile.

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GBR Master

GBR Master

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