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This kit includes only the Alum mold and Silicone insert plus an Allen head screwdriver which is used for the positioning of the inserts and for removing the silicon insert from the alum base.

The Cervico Mold is an in-office tool used for the
fabrication of custom shaped healing abutments and
impression posts made out of composite material.
It can also be used for the duplication of a modified healing
abutment or temporary prosthesis to a duplicate impression post. It
features 17 wells that can be used for all of the above purposes.

The top ring of the base carries a letter coding that corresponds to the shape and size of the well of the
silicone insert.
The bottom ring of the base caries a number coding that corresponds to the VPI Prosthetic connection Insert
installed into the base.
The top ring of the base, along with the silicone insert installed in a stable position within it, can rotate in
relation to the bottom ring of the base. This allows the alignment of different wells of the silicone insert with
different VPI Prosthetic connection Inserts installed into the base of the mold.