MPF Brush Co. Surgical Series

    Introducing the MPF Direct Composite brush series have been created with a special fiber optic filament that is very fine in texture but also firm to assist in application. The tips are to be removed from the handles when sterilisation of the handle is needed. All tips of the brushes are to be steralized utilizing liquid sterilisation methods only. The tips are available in pack of 10 and 25. No heating methods should be used for steralization of the brush tops. 

    The MPF Direct Composite applicators are designed with ergonomics, comfort and balance in mind, the unique design of each and every tip allow for intra oral application and also for the dental technicians lab composite applications as well. The handles are made from anodised aluminium and the tips are stainless steel that have been specially coated with black diamond coating. These tools are all autoclavable and can withstand any sterilisation process. The are NOT to be cleaned by using wire brush techniques as this can destroy the coating process, care must taken by using a soft tooth brush to remove any remininece of composite material 

    The MPF Cube stand is a solid piece of anodised aluminium and can be sterilised in the autoclave.