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This kit includes only the guide and its components (1 silicone autoclavable guide tray, 20 tabs, 1 guide retention handle, 4 Guide pins).

By simply evaluating the prosthetic space with the tab connected to the handle the clinician can identify, and therefore correlate, which size and shape abutment needs to be prepared. The anatomical tab of the guide with coding(pS) corresponds to the well of the mold with (pS) coding, etc. This tool can also be used as a surgical guide for the proper positioning of the implant osteotomy. Orientation T line of the anatomical tabs, serve as reference for correct orientation of the prosthetic connection of the implant in space. This will allow proper orientation of the anatomical healing abutment once coupled with the implant. Implant companies utilise orientation markers on their implant carriers to allow proper control of implant prosthetic connection orientation in space. Orient these markers towards the T-line. E.g:External Hex or Internal Hex or Octagon or Square Connections: Flat seat of connection (or implant carrier) parallel to the T-line Trilobe Connections: Vertex of connection pointing towards the T-Line
Grove/Locks Connections: Orientation markers of implant carrier pointing towards the T-line